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As a market leading Independent Connection Provider, Sinewave have the pedigree and expertise to help people and businesses get where they want to be. As a business that invests heavily in the training and development of its own people, Sinewave know and recognise the importance of putting your people first to help them thrive as well as your business. Sinewave have launched the Sinewave Academy to support the ongoing development of our own people and businesses within the Southwest.

As a training provider Sinewave Academy offer First Aid at Work, Mental Health First Aid, Leadership and Technical Electrical Training to businesses within Swindon and the Southwest. We aim to pass on our skills as experts in the industry, delivering training for people in the electrical engineering industry and all companies throughout the Southwest.

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Find out more about the First Aid at Work, Mental Health First Aid, Leadership and Technical Electrical Training we provide:

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How can the Sinewave Academy help you?

The Sinewave Academy has been launched to help people at every level of the electrical sector, from those who work in close proximity to, but not on electrical equipment, such as support and administrative colleagues, to hands on engineers and those with aspirations to become managers or supervisors. The training courses can also help achieve accreditations such as G99 testing. In essence, the Sinewave Academy can give you the power to get where you want to be.

In addition, we provide First Aid at Work Training and Mental Health First Aid Training to all businesses within Swindon and the Southwest.

  • Power Up – Supporting companies and individuals within Swindon and the Southwest with their career development through technical electrical skills training courses.
  • Recharge – Ensure you and your company have the up-to-date skills and knowledge with timely refresher training courses within First Aid and Technical Electrical training.
  • Boost – Enabling individuals and companies to stay connected with the industry’s experts by joining one of our seminars or networking events.
  • Enlightening – Enables colleagues within support roles such as administration to build awareness of the Electrical Engineering Industry without getting their hands dirty.
  • Amplify – Improve employee performance through high energy leadership training delivered by experienced managers.

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