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Module 2 - Leadership styles

Explore the different styles of leadership and discuss the benefits of each.


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Explore the different styles of leadership and discuss the benefits of each.

You will discuss leadership style and its potential effects on people’s performance and motivation to succeed. 

Who should attend

New supervisors/managers who want to influence and build the success by adapting their style to their people and different situations. 

The objectives for the event

  • Define the different leadership styles
  • State benefits of leadership style 
  • Explain the people / results leadership model and how this relates to your leadership

The course covers

  • The characteristics of great leadership
  • Situational leadership
  • 9 winning leadership habits

Format & style

This course includes discussions, exercises and the opportunity to work with in smaller groups to explore the topics and share experiences.

Assessment & certification

  • There is no formal assessment.
  • Each delegate will receive a certificate of attendance.


Consider who you believe to be a great leader and what skills and attributes they display.

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