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Construction & Civils

Sinewave can deliver to any specification and design requirement.

We can provide a range of electrical engineering construction services, including HV & LV Networks, civil engineering, system upgrades and more

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering teams are staffed by experienced, suitably qualified machine operators and labourers who are proficient in all aspects of ground works. We can excavate, trench, lay cable and reinstate whilst working with all surface types. Our civils teams have extensive experience installing concrete bases for electrical infrastructure, including substation bases.

High and Low-Voltage Installation Works

We can design and construct private high-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) networks downstream of any metering point. We can also design and perform any “contestable” work upstream of the meter on behalf of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). We can meet any specification and design requirement.

Construction & Civils

Our design process will look closely at the end user’s requirements and provide a solution which meets with all of the legislative and engineering requirements as well as integration into the DNO’s local network.

Full Range of Project Delivery Stages

We are a customer-focused business that specialises in delivering high-quality, flexible, sustainable solutions to meet your future power requirements. We deliver our projects on time and on budget to ensure that your source of electric power operates in the safest, most-efficient manner for many years to come.

Every design and installation team consists of hand-picked professionals who have the precise skills to complete your project. They work under the direction of a project manager who serves as your single point of contact. This policy ensures that we provide a safe and sustainable solution to your power needs whilst delivering a project completed to the highest standards.

  • Designing the network from the LV/HV “Point of Connection” to the site.
  • Full design and project management of “contestable” works on behalf of the DNO.
  • Civil engineering works, including excavating the connection route, laying the cable from the POC to the site, installing concrete bases for substations and other electrical equipment.
  • Civil reinstatement of cable trenches for on-site and off-site.
  • Supplying all LV/HV cables, switchgear and transformers (to approved design) required to make the connection.
  • Commissioning the installed LV/HV connection assets.
  • Full project management for the entire scope of work.
  • Full project handover, including as-built and as-laid records for all connected assets.
  • Ongoing customer relationships, which can include 2/7 and 365 emergency cover, in concert With an O&M contract which will support your business continuity.

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Old Manor Residential Works

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Retrofit and System Upgrades

The electricity-distribution equipment in the UK has been operating, for the most part, for many years, if not decades. Consequently, it’s often obsolete. Our power-distribution engineers discover high-voltage and low-voltage circuit breakers protecting essential industrial and commercial processes more often than they like. Quite simply, the equipment has been operating for a significant time beyond its functional design life.

  • We offer retrofit upgrade solutions to all current HV/LV installations.
  • We can provide a cost effective way to update older equipment to current standards, thus avoiding what could be a serious impact on business continuity.
  • Not all retrofits have to be expensive. Using existing cable can eliminate the need for costly civil works.
  • By opting for a planned program of modernisation, today’s progressive businesses can reduce the risks of power outages and costly downtime caused by the untimely failure of obsolete equipment.

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