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EV Charge

We are a leading force in the electric vehicle rapid-charger market

We provide complete, end-to-end installation of EV chargers

Mindful of the environmental hazards posed by fossil fuels, governments and businesses around the world are acknowledging the need to replace motor vehicles powered by combustion engines with environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

Here in the UK, as EVs become the vehicle of choice on our highways and lanes, the need for more ‘rapid’ chargers is becoming imperative. Fortunately, Sinewave, as an accredited, experienced company, has established itself as a leader in the field of EV charger installation.
The Technicals
  • Our dedicated EV charger team has considerable experience delivering projects nationwide.
  • Our team manages complete projects, from the initial groundworks through the energisation of the EV charging units to the maintenance afterward.
  • Working closely with the clients’ ‘preferred supplier’ design team and the local District Network Operator (DNO), we provide the most cost-effective and efficient means of installing just a few units or multiple EV chargers at a variety of motoring venues.

EV Charge

Our design process will look closely at the end user’s requirements and provide a solution which meets with all of the legislative and engineering requirements as well as integration into the DNO’s local network.

Installation & Commissioning

We have installed EV charging units at leisure centres, retail parks, local authority sites and commercial business premises, and at petrol station forecourts, which require a different level of safety awareness. Every member of our EV charger team is fully authorised to perform the installation on both the client’s private network and the connection to the DNO network.

building relationships
  • We have developed strong supplier relationships whilst working very closely with some of the UK’s leading providers.
  • With a proven track record, we are quickly becoming a go-to contractor for commercial end-users.
  • Every member of our EV charger team is fully authorised to perform the installation on both the client’s private network and the connection to the DNO network.

case study

Rapid EV Charger Installation for Instavolt

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Lloyds NERS accreditation

Our Lloyds NERS accreditation enables us to manage contestable connections using ‘in-house’ qualified and experienced LV/ HV electricians and technicians, as well as civils teams capable of delivering on every element of the project:
  • Design responsibility from drawing board to delivery and beyond.
  • Complete civil works encompassing cable supplies and bases as well as reinstatement.
  • Civil works, including the provision of safety bollards and markings.
  • Contestable connections as an ICP.
  • HV/LV installation through to the Point of Connection (POC).
  • An experienced and growing EV specialist team.

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