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Testing & Commissioning

Our highly skilled electrical engineers can perform testing and commissioning on the most complex electrical systems

Our testing capabilities include switchgear, protection, transformers and more

Health and safety legislation requires that electrical equipment must be periodically inspected and properly maintained. While the frequency of testing varies according to the voltage, as a rule, HV assets should be inspected annually and serviced every five years. Inspecting electrical equipment at regular intervals can detect any degradation in performance and prompt the company to create a plan to replace faulty items before they fail completely.

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Sinewave’s testing and commissioning services include:
  • Full switchgear and transformer testing
  • High-voltage AC pressure testing
  • High-voltage DC pressure testing
  • VLF testingl
  • Primary and secondary injection testing
  • Ductor testing
  • Turns ratio testing
  • Earth testing, including fall of potential testing and resistivity
  • G59 3/3 testing
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Full range of switchgear and transformer oil testing in accordance with BS EN 60475:2011
  • PCT/VT installations and commissioning

Testing & Commissioning

Sinewave’s team of electrical engineers have the experience and the skills to perform the required tasks involved in testing complex electrical systems. Using the latest technology, the team can devise a commissioning programme suited specifically to your needs.

Authorised Person/Senior Authorised Person

Sinewave can act as a customer’s Authorised Person (AP) or Senior Authorised Person (SAP) when working on a project. Refer to our consultancy page for more details or contact us. All sites with private network assets are required to have either on-site or on-contract, and available within a specified period, an authorised person who is trained to enter and render safe the end user’s HV assets.

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