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Published on:
9th September 2021
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Sinewave on World EV Day

World EV Day is a celebration of sustainable emobility. Sinewave are one of, if not the, largest installer of rapid chargers in the UK having worked on hundreds of projects installing thousands of chargers for over five years. In that time we have worked on bus depots, hospitality locations such as McDonalds, KFC and Costa Coffee, destination locations and motorway service stations.

Seeing rapid chargers at supermarket locations was a major evolution

We have seen the market evolve so locations include convenient sites such as supermarkets and city centres. The number and speed of chargers increase with it becoming the norm for multiple chargers being capable of delivering 50-150kW+ from at one location. These will charge compatible EV’s to 80% in 20-40 minutes typically. Recently we have also seen the integration of EV chargers into community centres in new residential developments with one such adjustment made by a progressive housing developer only a few weeks ago, delivering rapid EV charging options for their home buyers locally.

Town centres are convenient locations for chargers

But to us World EV day represents more. At Sinewave we are adopting a new approach to the #netzero goal. We have made two other significant changes to relevant to EV's in the past few weeks.

First we are supporting the rollout of and EV fleet within Sinewave. Many of our staff either drive company First, we are supporting the rollout of an EV fleet within Sinewave. Many of our staff either drive company vehicles or receive a car allowance from the company. We have announced internally recently we will be enhancing these allowances to encourage the adoption of EV's within our own team. This has already lead to three electric vehicles being ordered, with one more imminent, one delivered and we hope many more to follow. It is also our goals to change our van fleet to electric, but this will need range, loading and towing capabilities to improve further.

Our second announcement is we are working towards Planet Mark accreditation, with a goal of reducing our carbon emissions, eventually achieving carbon negative status.

More will follow on our specific goals and targets shortly as we aim to race to carbon negative status leading the way for other ICP's and becoming a power for good. We have launched a major data collection project to measure our current carbon footprint and will announce further news in due course along with Planet Mark.

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